B2B Buying Cycles Increase, Multilingual Benefits for B2B, and Google’s New Conversational Search

As B2B markets and technology evolve, so too must B2B marketing strategies. Recent news on B2B marketing initiatives suggests that the typical customer buying cycle is increasing, that multilingual solutions offer unique advantages to B2B companies, and that Google is introducing a new conversational search option.

The Increasing Length of B2B Buyer Cycles

A recent survey of B2B executives shows that the average customer purchase decision took 17 percent longer in the last year compared to the year before (2019 and 2018, respectively). Most of the respondents (61 percent) reported their B2B purchase decisions taking more than a month. In particular, sophisticated and complex B2B purchases requiring input from multiple departments, such as IT or Finance, took even longer and involved more internal discussion.

Multilingual Solutions for B2B Companies

Given the increasingly global landscape of B2B markets, companies need to consider how to effectively reach their customers through native language solutions. Providing materials in multiple languages opens up communication channels that might not otherwise exist. It’s also a key piece of customer experience – an organization able to provide seamless, multilingual communication stands out to customers in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Google’s Conversational Search

Google is rolling out a new Conversational Search feature that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) techniques to provide more accurate results for search queries. This new feature is a great tool for those in B2B markets, as they may use it to more easily and quickly find information about potential partners and customers.

As B2B markets and technology continue to evolve, so too must B2B marketing tactics evolve. B2B buyers are taking more time to make decisions, and leveraging multilingual solutions can open up more communication channels and offer unique advantages. Plus, Google’s new conversational search can help B2B marketers easily and quickly access important information. Taken together, these initiatives heighten the importance of staying on top of the news and using the latest B2B marketing tactics.