Elevate B2B Marketing News

B2B Data Quality Investments

Organizations aiming to improve their B2B marketing efforts in the current decade will need to ensure that their data quality is up to par. The importance of data quality has been recognized by many leading B2B organizations who are investing more resources to ensure that their data is clean and up to date. Key investments include using data cleansing tools, real-time data testing, and comprehensive databases.

Google Updates Quality Guidelines

Google has recently released new guidelines with regards to the quality of content being produced by marketers. Their premise is simple: what’s good for the user is good for business. The updated guidelines introduce stricter standards for the amount of original and quality content that needs to be created in order to achieve high search engine rankings.

Ethnic Diversity In Marketing Study

In an effort to better understand how brands can effectively appeal to a diverse market, a study on ethnic diversity in marketing has been published. The study examines the impact of marketing campaigns featuring people from different ethnic backgrounds. The results indicate that diverse marketing campaigns are more likely to be successful with a diverse audience.


It is clear that in order to remain competitive in the current B2B marketing landscape, it is essential for organizations to make key investments in data quality, adhere to the standards set by Google, and reach out to a diversity of audiences. With these tips, your B2B marketing efforts are sure to be successful.