Elevate B2B Marketing News

The world of B2B digital marketing is one of constant change and advancement. With the purchase of a B2B data list, marketers can target profiles with much more precision and accuracy, allowing offers, products and content to be tailored precisely to their customers. This isn’t the only news to hit the marketing world – here we take a look at three key B2B news topics that marketers should know about.

1. Google Issues Near Update Quality Guidelines

Google has recently issued an update on their Quality Guidelines for marketers. The update involves updates to site quality, local and offensive content guidelines, as well as ‘YMYL’ and medical advice issues. These Quality Guidelines should be read and followed carefully by marketers, in order to ensure that websites are meeting standards and producing the best possible consumer experience.

2. B2B Data Quality Investments

Investing in high-quality B2B data can have amazing rewards for marketers. Being able to effectively target B2B buyers is key to scaling marketing efforts – and data can help drive successful campaigns, increase sales, and improve conversations with customers.

A key factor is purchasing quality data – assessing the data based on its accuracy and reliability, and purchasing from legitimate, reliable data providers is essential to any successful B2B marketing campaign.

3. Ethnic Diversity In Marketing Study

A recent study conducted by Cass Business school, on ethnic diversity in digital marketing, has revealed the following insights:

  • 89% of digital marketing teams across UK companies show little or no ethnic diversity.
  • 92% of individuals in these teams did not identify as being from any minority ethnic background.
  • 7.4% of digital marketers were from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background.

The study shows that more needs to be done in the marketing industry to make diverse and inclusive teams. It is hoped that the outcomes of this study will help inform more aware and conscious decisions in the hiring process.

In conclusion, the news revolving around B2B marketing shows a landscape that is constantly changing and evolving. Decisions to purchase quality data, to abide by Google Quality Guidelines, and to make conscious decisions around ethnic diversity, are all essential paths to inform marketing decision making.

These news stories highlight a few key areas that all marketers should pay attention to – and it is businesses that stay ahead of the game, as driven by data and research, that are likely to gain the most competitive advantage.