Elevating B2B Marketing News

B2B Influencer Benchmarks

Staying on top of B2B influencer benchmarks is critical for any organization. Influence benchmarking is all about understanding the impact of influencers, tracking the engagement of their content and attempts to measure the conversions their campaigns produce. For businesses, having insight on their influencers engagement and ROI allows them to make decisions that maximize their value.

Top Data Leader Priorities Report

Data leaders are essential for organizations to remain competitive in the modern business landscape. A recent report by IDC outlines top data leader priorities and how these leaders can transform their organizations. According to the report, strategic goals of data leadership include capitalizing on AI and ML, creating a trusted data lake, developing metric-driven insights and utilizing data autonomy.

Microsoft’s AI Ad Insights

Microsoft has recently released a series of AI ad insights that can help marketing professionals build more precise and specific audience profiles. Using these ads insights, businesses can better understand the behaviors of their target audiences and the impact their ads are having. The insights can also help them refine their campaigns by informing strategies and tactics around user engagement, reach, and cost optimization.


Staying on top of the latest news and developments in B2B marketing is essential for organizations looking to remain competitive. From tracking influencer benchmarks to understanding the impact of AI on ad campaigns, it can be a challenge to stay current. However, utilizing the insights from influencer benchmarks and the top data leadership priorities report can help businesses find the best strategies for a successful marketing strategy. Furthermore, Microsoft’s AI ad insights provide valuable insight into audience behavior to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI.