Elevate B2B Marketing News

It’s been an exciting week in B2B marketing news with the release of several dynamic reports and the AI insights from Microsoft. Let’s take a closer look at this week’s most important developments:

B2B Influencer Benchmarks Report

The popular social media analysis firm Glow UP Social has released its B2B Influencer Benchmarks Report featuring data from 2018 and beyond. The report measures the impact of various influencers on the B2B landscape, providing a detailed, quantitative look at their success.

Some of the highlights from Glow UP Social’s report include:

  • The average B2B influencer earns $0.88 per 1,000 followers.
  • Influencers with over 10,000 followers earned $2.03 per 1,000 followers.
  • Average engagement rate for all influencers was 1.59%.

Glow UP Social’s report provides B2B marketers with valuable insights into the efficacy of influencers and how they drive growth.

Top Data Leader Priorities Report

The Top Data Leader Priorities Report from Techjury.net provides a comprehensive look at the needs and objectives of data leaders in 2019 and beyond. This report delves into data science and describes the impact of analytics.

The Techjury.net report goes on to provide three key insights into data leadership:

  • The demand for data leaders is growing exponentially.
  • Data leaders are essential for bridging the gap between data science and business analysis.
  • Data leaders need to have a thorough understanding of data science, analytics, and business.

This report helps data leaders to better understand the needs of their teams and how they can help optimize the potential of data.

Microsoft’s AI Ad Insights

Microsoft has released a new report focused on AI ad insights. This report compiles data from Microsoft’s ad platforms such as Bing Ads and its widely used AI-driven strategies.

The Microsoft ad report finds that AI-driven strategies drive better customer engagement, more effective ads, and greater success in reaching the right target audiences. The report also finds that AI can provide a greater understanding of customer needs and a better forecast for future ads.

Microsoft’s AI Ad Insights report provides marketers with valuable insights into the advantages of AI-driven strategies and the potential of incorporating AI technologies into ad campaigns.

In conclusion, this week’s B2B news is packed with valuable information for marketers and data leaders. From the B2B Influencer Benchmarks Report to the Top Data Leader Priorities Report to Microsoft’s AI Ad Insights, these insights provide invaluable insight into the world of B2B marketing.