Elevate B2B Marketing News: Uptick in B2B Business, New AI Ad Tools, Falling Instagram/Facebook Effectiveness, and LinkedIn’s Video Success

The B2B market is positively growing, and recent developments in social media and digital advertising support this growth.

Uptick in B2B Business

Various surveys and reports support an increase in B2B commerce. As businesses emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, new studies have shown an uptick in B2B sales from previous years. Additionally, the size of customer orders have grown significantly, presenting an increased need for automation.

Google’s New AI Ad Tools

Google is launching new AI-powered ad tools to help B2B firms further connect and engage with customers. These tools are designed to increase efficiency and drive better ROI for B2B marketers, who have long struggled to connect with the right target audiences.

Falling Instagram & Facebook Effectiveness

The value of B2B marketing on Instagram and Facebook is beginning to decline. Recent reports have indicated that organic engagement is reducing on these platforms, and companies are shifting more towards other forms of digital marketing.

LinkedIn’s Video Success

LinkedIn has seen an explosion of video content and company profiles being created. The platform has enabled B2B marketers to reach new markets and create more effective customer relationships.

Overall, these trends show an exciting future for B2B marketing. As new technologies and tools emerge, B2B companies will be well-positioned to take advantage and increase growth in their businesses.

Key Takeaways

  • Uptick in B2B business; customer orders have grown significantly.
  • Google’s new AI-powered ad tools for increased efficiency and ROI for B2B marketers.
  • Organic engagement falling on Instagram & Facebook.
  • LinkedIn’s video content helping B2B marketers reach new markets.