LinkedIn Tops 930M Users & Lines Blur Between B2B & B2C

As technology has rapidly evolved, so have the trends in digital media, and we are now seeing the lines blur more and more between B2B and B2C marketing strategies. In the midst of this evolution, one platform has grown increasingly time and time again: LinkedIn. The platform recently surpassed 930 million users, and continues to have a significant impact on how B2B companies are finding and engaging with their customers.

B2B Companies Benefit from LinkedIn

For B2B companies, LinkedIn offers a robust platform to find potential customers and partners, as well as a platform to form and grow meaningful relationships. Here are a few ways B2B companies benefit from LinkedIn:

  • 1. Increased Visibility: A strong LinkedIn presence can help expand a company’s digital reach and make it more visible to potential customers and partners. With more visibility come additional emplyos, marketing opportunities, and sales.
  • 2. Social Selling: A strong presence on LinkedIn can help a company build relationships with potential customers. It is an important tool for sales teams to social sell and increase leads.
  • 3. Content Sharing: As an important marketing tool, LinkedIn offers an additional resource for companies to promote their products and services. Companies can use LinkedIn to share content, publish thought leadership pieces, and engage with their target audience.

B2B & B2C Lines Blur

As B2B and B2C companies increasingly look for similar goals- increasing lead gen, increasing visibility, and improving customer engagement- they are turning to many of the same tactics. Social media networks are now being increasingly used for B2B marketing and B2C companies are recognizing the value of creating content to showcase their knowledge and expertise.

At the same time, B2C companies are benefitting from components of B2B marketing, such as lead nurturing and outreach. As customers expect more from their buying process with B2C companies, such as personalized content and engagement, B2C companies are turning to B2B tactics to serve their customers.

The Impact of LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s recent rapid growth to over 930 million users has further cemented its place as an important resource for B2B businesses. Now, even more B2C companies are set to take advantage of the numerous opportunities it offers in order to create meaningful relationship and drive leads.

The combination of B2B and B2C marketing tools can create powerful results for both types of companies. As the lines between them continue to blur and more and more companies adopt a digital-first approach, there’s no doubt that LinkedIn will continue to play a critical role in how companies market themselves.