LinkedIn’s New B2B Tools

LinkedIn has released several new tools geared towards B2B marketers that makes it easier to measure campaigns and track performance. These tools include the ability to:

  • Generate leads through organic content
  • Track and measure which campaigns are successful
  • Receive personalized insights into ad performance

These B2B marketing tools give marketers more control over their campaigns, so they can make informed decisions about their marketing strategy and budget.

ChatGPT Gets API

ChatGPT, an AI-driven chatbot platform, has released an API that will enable B2B marketers to automate purchase journeys and drive direct sales. With ChatGPT’s API, marketers can easily create chatbots for their businesses and integrate them into their website, mobile app, or external platform.

The API also helps marketers personalize their messages and experiences by allowing them to send custom messages based on the customer’s preferences. This makes it easier for marketers to target their audience with relevant content and builds trust between the two parties.

High ROI for B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential part of any B2B marketing campaign and has a high return on investment (ROI). According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, B2B marketers reported an average ROI of 7.8% on the content they developed in 2019.

Content marketing is also an effective way to build relationships with customers. By creating compelling content that educates and entertains, marketers can build trust and loyalty among customers, which will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

B2B E-Procurement on the Rise

E-procurement — the process of buying goods or services online — is becoming more popular among B2B marketers. According to the Global E-Procurement Market Report, the global e-procurement market is expected to grow by 10.8% from 2021 to 2026.

E-procurement helps B2B marketers save time, reduce costs, and streamline their purchasing process. It also helps them ensure compliance with regulations, as they can track their purchases and ensure they are getting the best prices possible.

E-procurement is quickly becoming an essential tool for B2B marketers, as it allows them to be more efficient and cost-effective in their purchasing decisions.


B2B marketing is a complex and challenging industry. However, with new tools and techniques, B2B marketers can effectively reach their target audiences, increase ROI, and save time and money. With LinkedIn’s new B2B tools, ChatGPT’s API, the high ROI of content marketing, and the rise of e-procurement, B2B marketers can stay ahead of the game and increase their success.