Elevate B2B Marketing News

Rising B2B Tech Investment

Investment in B2B technology is on the rise, highlighting the growing importance of digital transformation. The business tech market is currently estimated to be worth over $180 billion and is expected to reach $190 billion this year. This renewed focus on technology could revolutionize the industry, creating a more efficient and integrated way of doing business.

ChatGPT Goes Pro

ChatGPT, a chatbot platform, has released a Pro version of its product. The platform allows users to automate conversations with customers, saving them time and money. ChatGPT Pro includes enhanced features such as automated customer segmentation, AI-powered product recommendations, and personalized campaigns.

Top Marketing Word Study

A recent study assessed the effectiveness of different words in marketing campaigns. The study found that words such as “discover”, “free”, “try”, and “you” were more effective than words such as “buy”, “save”, and “order”. This insight can help businesses craft more effective marketing campaigns.

New Global Ad Spend Data

New data from eMarketer predicts that global ad spending will reach $688.4 billion in 2021, up 8.4% from 2020. B2B advertising is expected to experience the highest growth rate of 12%, driven by e-commerce and video streaming services. This new data indicates the importance of investing in advertising and highlights the need to focus on creating engaging content.


The above news highlights the growing importance of digital transformation, particularly within the B2B market. By investing in technology and paying attention to the effectiveness of different words in marketing campaigns, businesses can elevate their marketing efforts to reach a larger audience. As global ad spend data suggests, investing in advertising and creating engaging content is key to success in 2021.