Elevate Your B2B Marketing with the Latest News

In the ever-changing world of B2B marketing, it is essential to be up-to-date on the latest trends. Here are the four most important news stories impacting the B2B marketing landscape currently:

Social Engagements Hit New Low

Social media marketing is a valuable element of the modern b2b strategy, but it has encountered a challenge in recent months. In the first quarter of 2021, overall social engagements fell to their lowest level in five years. To combat this, marketers are finding creative ways to engage their audiences in fresh ways, such as through AR and VR experiences.

Gen Z Buyer Study

As Gen Z begins to transition into commercial roles, it is important to understand their buying behaviors. A recent study of college-age buyers showed that Gen Zers are more cost-conscious and they prefer a personal touch when conducting business. This insight allows marketers to tailor their campaigns in order to better engage the Gen Z segment.

Bing’s New AI Image Creator

With the introduction of AI, Bing has become an even more powerful tool for marketers. The platform recently rolled out its AI Image Creator, allowing users to create and edit images with few clicks. Marketers can leverage this tool to quickly create custom visuals for their campaigns, providing a more personalized experience for their audiences.

Marketing’s Rising Importance

The role of marketing has grown in importance over the past year. With the pandemic impacting buying habits and consumer sentiment, marketers have had to find creative ways to pivot campaigns in order to remain connected with their target audiences. As digital engagement continues to rise, marketers should focus on leveraging the latest trends and insights to maximize ROI.


By staying up to date on the latest B2B marketing news, marketers can better equip themselves to succeed in their campaigns. From social engagements to the rising importance of marketing, these four stories provide key insight into the B2B landscape. Leverage this intel to take your marketing to the next level.