AI’s Rising Role In B2B

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in B2B is a hot topic nowadays. AI has been used in marketing for long and has brought a lot of value. But today, AI is being used more than ever in B2B marketing to improve efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Most notably, AI is used for predictive analytics, customer segmentation and personalization. It also provides better automated lead scoring and identification of customer needs. Moreover, it is used for automated chat support and content targeting.

Benefits of AI in B2B Marketing

The use of AI in B2B marketing has been proven to yield remarkable results. Here are a few benefits of using AI in B2B marketing:

  • Improved efficiency: AI can identify problems and develop solutions much faster than humans. This helps marketers automate some of the most time-consuming tasks and focus on more important jobs.
  • Better insights: AI can gather more relevant data points in order to provide better insights into the customer behaviour. This can help marketers make more informed decisions.
  • Enhanced customer experience: AI can help marketers better understand the customer journey and tailor their customer experience accordingly.

Meta Launches Swift Threads

Meta is a leading digital marketing agency that helps B2B marketers achieve their goals. Recently, they launched a new product called Swift Threads. The product is designed to make B2B marketing easier, faster and more efficient.

Swift Threads is powered by AI and machine learning technology. It helps marketers automate some of their tedious tasks such as customer segmentation, content targeting and predictive analytics. It also provides tools that enable marketers to track customer behaviour, measure campaigns and optimise their strategies.

Benefits of Swift Threads

Using Swift Threads can provide B2B marketers with the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency: Swift Threads automates and streamlines tedious marketing tasks, freeing up marketers’ time.
  • Better insights: Swift Threads collects and analyses customer data in order to provide deeper insights.
  • Advanced targeting: Swift Threads offers advanced targeting tools that enable marketers to deliver more personalised experiences.


The use of AI in B2B marketing is rapidly increasing and Meta’s Swift Threads is an excellent example of this. It provides a great opportunity for B2B marketers to increase their efficiency and deliver more personalised experiences to their customers.