The world of B2B marketing never stops evolving. Here is a taste of the latest news regarding the top developments in the industry for this week.

AI’s Rising Use In B2B

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the B2B marketing industry has seen a massive surge recently. According to a new survey from Impartner, the number of B2B firms that use AI as part of their marketing efforts has grown by more than 56% since last year.

The survey found that the primary purpose of AI technology for these firms is to facilitate customer segmentation, followed by automated campaign creation and targeted customer messaging.

Meta’s Swift Threads Launch

Meta – an AI-powered SaaS company specializing in customer service automation – has launched a new product this week called Swift Threads. This new product is designed to help businesses respond quickly to customer inquiries and automate problem-solving.

It allows AI to take action on customer inquiries through automated emails, such as issue resolution, support requests, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • AI is Gaining Momentum – With AI being used in an ever-increasing number of marketing activities, it’s clear that businesses are seeing the potential of AI technology.
  • Swift Threads Launch – The launch of Meta’s new product, Swift Threads, serves as evidence of the market’s demand for customer service automation.