CMO Tech Budgets Holding Steady, Ad Index Grows, and LinkedIn’s AI Push Making Headlines

It’s been an interesting week for B2B marketers with news related to CMOs tech spending, an increase in the ad index, and LinkedIn’s continued investment in AI. Here’s all you need to know:

CMO Tech Budgets Holding Steady

The latest report from Gartner suggests that tech budgets are holding steady for CMOs. Marketers are expected to spend about 11.5% of their total budgets on tech, with the biggest investment being in marketing analytics. This is a good sign that marketers are taking a data-driven approach and are prioritizing analytics to help guide their decisions.

Ad Index Grows

The latest data from the Association of National Advertisers shows that the ad index is up 10.3%. This is the highest the index has been in over a year and a half and is the fourth consecutive month of growth. These are positive signs for B2B marketers who rely on ads as part of their strategies.

LinkedIn’s AI Push

LinkedIn has announced changes to the way it is using AI. The company is investing in technology to help understand user preferences better and personalize ads. For B2B marketers, this is a great opportunity to better target their audiences and get the most out of their marketing efforts.


The news coming out of this week is positive for B2B marketers. CMO tech budgets are holding steady, the ad index is growing, and LinkedIn is investing in AI. Together, these developments present exciting opportunities for B2B marketers.