Elevate B2B Marketing News Weekly Roundup: Rising Personalization in B2B & Meta’s New Llama 2 AI

The B2B landscape is constantly advancing and has enjoyed a recent increase in personalization. This week we explore the booming trend of personalized marketing in B2B, alongside Meta’s new Llama 2 AI.

Rising Personalization in B2B

Personalized marketing in B2B has been steadily growing over recent years. Many businesses have succeeded in leveraging personalized content in the B2B landcape. The reason for this success lies in understanding each customers’ needs in order to precisely address them.

  • Gathering Data

    Gathering data on prospects can be used to create meaningful interactions with them. This includes taking the time to understand prospects goals, needs and challenges.

  • Creating Personas

    Segmenting the data collected from prospects into different groups can help to formulate personas. These personas allow marketers to focus their techniques on the specific needs of each segment.

  • Using Automation

    Using automation in personalized marketing can be a great tool. Automation can help measure customer sentiments, suggest tailored content and features.

  • Analyzing Result

    Analyzing results of customer interactions helps to improve strategies. It reveals trends and can help measure the effectiveness of personalized marketing efforts.

Meta’s New Llama 2 AI

This week Meta’s Llama 2 AI has been announced, an AI-SDK piece of technology that provides a personalized widget system that adapts to customer behaviour. This allows businesses to take their personalization efforts to an entirely new level.

Llama 2 AI provides distinct benefits, including:

  • In-app notifications

    Llama 2 AI enables users to send in-app notifications to customers in order to suggest personalize content.

  • Personalized Website Widgets

    Llama 2 AI also provides personalized website widgets that allow customers to access personalize product recommendations.

  • Intelligent Personalization

    Llama 2 AI is also designed to offer intelligent personalization using data from customer’s interactions. This includes combining customer viewed items, purchases and current location.

  • Automatic Loyalty Programmes

    The AI is also capable of implementing automatic loyalty programmes and recommendations depending on customer behaviour.

As the B2B landscape continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to employ personalization techniques. Meta’s new Llama 2 AI is an important tool that gives businesses the opportunity to leverage data and insights from customer’s preferences to create meaningful interactions.