Spotify Woos B2B Marketers & Google’ EU AdTech Scrutiny

Spotify Moves Into B2B Advertising Market

The streaming giant Spotify is launching a new B2B advertising platform. This platform is equipped with tailored solutions for the B2B marketing industry, allowing companies to target their audiences using Spotify’s extensive reach of users all over the world.

Spotify site’s programmatic ad buying platform now offers a suite of B2B marketing solutions, emphasizing verticals such as product launch campaigns, corporate branding initiatives, and industry specific offers.

Google Draws EU AdTech Scrutiny

Google is being scrutinized by EU regulators over its potential abuse of domination over the adtech market.

When it comes to display advertising, Google owns three of the four main advertising providers, and according to the European Commission, this holds an excessive level of market power. This could prevent other companies from entering the market, leading to less competition and higher prices.

The European Commission has launched an in-depth investigation to determine whether Google has a dominant position in the market and is using its power to “unlawfully shut out rivals”.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spotify has launched a B2B ad buying platform tailored for the B2B marketing industry.
  • Google is being scrutinized by the EU for potential abuse of power from its adtech market dominance.