Elevate B2B Marketing News Weekly Roundup: Twitter X Rebrand Unsettles Marketers & The New Frontier AI Model Forum

Recently, Twitter shocked marketers with the news of their rebrand which includes the introduction of the new logo and a company name change to Twttr. This is the first major visual update of the platform since 2006 and many are unsure of its purpose and success.

Meanwhile, The New Frontier AI Model Forum is revealing a new platform that is dedicated to teaching more people about Artificial Intelligence (AI). This forum hopes to bring together innovators in the industry to discuss and find solutions to core issues.

Twitter X Rebrand: What’s The Purpose?

The new Twitter logo is described as a type of “birdcam” with 3D elements that shimmer and move in different directions. The idea behind it is to match the modern era and the typical Twitter user. Markerters are left to ponder though – is it an impressive or overcomplicated design?

An even bigger concern is the name change; Twitter X is what the company is called now, instead of Twitter. Many are confident that the name change was something to “keep up with the times” and that this will affect certain marketing strategies, especially with regards to branding.

The New Frontier AI Model Forum

The New Frontier AI Model Forum is a platform dedicated to helping the public better understand and apply AI solutions. It is targeted towards tech and marketing professionals who are interested in finding practical solutions for their businesses.

This forum provides access to a wide range of resources, including tutorials on how to use the different tools available, examples of successful AI projects and how to apply AI in various contexts. Additionally, professionals from different fields are encouraged to come together to discuss and explore solutions for real-world problems.


The recent news from Twitter and The New Frontier AI Model Forum show that the tech industry is in a state of flux. Marketers are not sure of the success of Twitter’s rebrand, and the new AI forum is meant to bring together industry experts to find solutions to core problems.

Hopefully, we can all look forward to a stay tuned for exciting developments in AI and marketing from Twitter and The New Frontier AI Model Forum.