Marketing agencies face numerous challenges from technological advancements, the volatility of the economic climate, and competition. Agencies are under pressure to prove their worth, as irrelevant messages that limit reach and engagement can impact the future success of the business. As such, the Fortification & Innovation (F/I) Framework is an effective framework that can help agencies to futureproof their marketing strategies and sustain success.

How the F/I Framework Builds a Foundation for a Future-Proof Strategy

The F/I framework is a scientific approach that takes into account the opportunities for growth and mitigating risks that exist. It provides both a short-term and long-term view of an agency’s strategy.


Fortification is the process of building a strong foundation for the future by leveraging existing assets and mitigating risks to protect businesses against future shocks. This could include:

  • Ensuring robust analytics tools are in place to track vital insights.
  • Applying knowledge based on past campaigns to optimize future strategies.
  • Focusing on enhancing customer experience in order to serve their specific needs.
  • Ensuring marketing campaigns are tailored to their target audiences.
  • Exploring and investing in new technologies.


Innovation is the second pillar of the F/I Framework, and involves looking for ways to push forward with new and improved solutions and strategies. This could include:

  • Carrying out research to better understand customer needs.
  • Building a strong brand to engage customers.
  • Identifying gaps in the market and opportunities that could be of benefit to the agency.
  • Developing innovative campaigns that engage customers in creative and memorable ways.


In conclusion, the F/I Framework provides a comprehensive model for improving marketing strategies and futureproofing agencies. Combining fortification and innovation is an effective way to both protect existing assets and quickly explore new opportunities. By following the F/I Framework, agencies can ensure their long-term success.