Google is driven by signals. It uses different signals to understand what your website is about and how to index it efficiently. It makes crawling your website easier and faster for Google’s search engine bots, resulting in better visibility for your website in search engines.

In this Whiteboard Friday, we’ll discuss the ways to help Google navigate your site more efficiently. These strategies can help Google index your pages faster and better, increasing your chances of improved visibility in search engine results pages.

1. Create a Site Map

A site map is one of the most important steps you can take towards better indexing by Google. It is like an outline of your website and helps search engine bots make sense of the many pages on your website. It also allows them to make quick decisions on what to index and what not to index.

2. HTML Sitemap

An HTML sitemap is a simple page on your website that contains links to other pages. It enables search engines to quickly access all your pages and facilitates better indexing.

3. XML Sitemap

XML sitemaps are very important for SEO, as they provide additional information to search engine bots that can help in indexing your website. XML sitemaps contain a list of all important URLs on your website and updated each time the page gets indexed.

4. Make Internal Linking Easier

Internal linking helps search engine bots understand the structure and navigation system of your website. It is also important from an SEO standpoint because it increases the page authority of all the pages on your website. You should always ensure that all the pages on your website are linked to each other in a way that makes them easy to access.

5. Optimize Images and Videos

Images and videos are important resources that help in site indexing. They can also help in improving your website’s visibility in search engine results. You should always use descriptive filenames and include proper alt and title tags with each image and video.


By following these simple strategies, you can help Google navigate your site more efficiently and improve your site’s indexing by the search engine. The result should be better visibility in search engine results pages and an overall improved SEO performance.