Bruce Jackson’s achievement from the “NYC Projects” to Microsoft Counsel

Bruce Jackson is a long-time Microsoft Corporate Counsel and an inspirational role model who defied the odds to attend a prestigious university. He first started by growing up in the “NYC Projects” and going on to become a successful lawyer.

Starting at the “NYC Projects”

Growing up in poverty and in an unstable environment filled with gangs and drug dealers, Bruce struggled mightily to try to escape the projects. He had very little exposure to the outer world of opportunities and practically no advice on the importance of education. There weren’t any resources to help him break through the poverty cycle and to pursue success.


But Bruce was not willing to accept the various limitations that had been set before him. He tried to get information on scholarships and college applications as much as he could, but he often came across scholarship offers and applications that had deadlines that had already passed and opportunities that he was unable to capitalize on.

Journey of Dissipation

However, Bruce managed to successfully overcome all the hurdles, hardships and limitations placed upon him and graduated from college after many years of hard work. He would eventually find his way to Microsoft, firstly as an intern and eventually being offered a full-time position at Microsoft as a Corporate Counsel.


Today, Bruce continues to helpthe struggling youth from underprivileged backgrounds who, like him, are trying to make something of themselves. He often gives seminars to showcase his story and provides advice on the importance of education, resilience and hard work. Bruce acknowledges the hardships he faced growing up and uses his story to encourage young people to do the same and fight for the American dream.


Bruce Jackson’s journey is that of a man who overcame extreme difficulties and pressures to make a dream come true. His story serves to inspire many and he has become a beacon of hope for the youth from low-income and struggling backgrounds who seek to escape their circumstances. His story is one that shows the power of hard work, resilience and determination and illustrates that one can become successful against all odds.