Are you passionate about your local city? Do you know all the great attractions, restaurants, or activities that locals and visitors alike should experience? If so, have you considered becoming an Airbnb Experiences host? Airbnb Experiences allows travelers to connect with a variety of activity hosts to gain a truly unique and immersive experience.

If you’re thinking about becoming an Airbnb Experiences host, then here’s a simple guide on what it would take:

1. Get Started with Types of Experiences

Before jumping into the hosting world, decide what type of experience you want to offer. Ideas include but are not limited to:

  • City Tour: Incorporate story telling and interactive research as travelers explore your city.
  • Nature Hike: Showcase stunning views as you explore a nearby mountain range.
  • Local Cuisine: Share knowledge about local food and culture as you sample amazing cuisine.

2. Create Your Experience Profile

Once you’ve decided on a type of experience, create your profile on Airbnb Experiences. A great profile contains well-written content that’s clear and concise. Showcase your personality, the activities you will provide, and let potential guests know why they should join you. Don’t forget to add quality image and video content to give guests a better idea of what to expect.

3. Prepare For Your Guests

Providing top-notch customer service is key to attracting and retaining guests. Before your experience starts, reach out to your guests in advance, and provide detailed instructions on how to locate you. During the experience, do your utmost to make sure guests are happy and have a great time. Finally, after the experience, follow-up with guests to see if they have any feedback or questions.

4. Share Your Experience

Words of mouth can travel quickly, so don’t be shy about sharing your experience. Share on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help gain traction. Reach out to local influencers that are aligned with your experience, and share it through their networks.

5. Promote Your Future Experiences

Encourage your past guests to return by promoting new upcoming experiences. Post regularly on social media, craft email messages, and reach out with personalized texts. Encourage your guests to review your experiences, as reviews help showcase your expertise.

Ready to Become an Airbnb Experiences Host?

So, if you’re passionate and excited to deliver exploring, culture, cuisine, and activities to travelers, then becoming an Airbnb Experiences host could be a great choice for you. Just follow the simple steps outlined above, and soon you can start hosting amazing experiences.