How To Create an SEO Strategy Plus Free Tools & Templates

Are you trying to create an SEO strategy, but don’t know where to start? SEO can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be! By following these steps and utilizing the tools and templates available, you can create a successful SEO strategy.

Steps to Creating an SEO Strategy:

  • Research & Evaluate Your Current SEO Strategy & Performance – It is important to first assess your current SEO performance, including keywords and traffic. Utilize Google Analytics or comparable programs to research and evaluate your website’s current standing.
  • Develop Your Keyword Strategy – Once you gain an understanding of your current SEO performance, you can begin creating your keyword strategy. This should include researching and identifying keywords that align with your industry and business goals.
  • Set SEO Goals & Objectives – Take the time to determine tangible SEO goals and objectives that you would like to achieve. Examples include increased website traffic, more page visits, and more conversions.
  • Develop Your Content Strategy – Setting up a content strategy is one of the most important steps in creating an SEO strategy. This content plan should consider topics, keywords, and other elements which will attract users and improve website visibility.
  • Analyze Your Competitors’ SEO Strategies – To gain a deeper understanding of the industry, you should research and analyze competitors’ SEO strategies. Doing so can provide valuable insight into what works and can also give you ideas for improving your own efforts.
  • Build A Reporting & Tracking Plan – Establishing a tracking and reporting program is key to ensuring the success of your SEO strategy. Monitor website rankings, click-through rates, and other metrics to determine how successful your SEO plans are.

Free Tools & Templates

There are several free tools and templates available to help you create and execute a successful SEO strategy.

  • Google’s Keyword Planner – This free tool is designed to help research keywords that are relevant to your industry.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a free program that tracks and evaluates website performance and engagement.
  • SEO Templates – There are a wide variety of free SEO templates available for creating content calendars, tracking keywords, and other elements of successful SEO strategies.

By following these steps and utilizing the tools and templates available, you can create and execute a successful SEO strategy. Good luck!