Employers need to be aware of the important tax deadline approaching in the U.S. on April 15th. The deadline applies to employers who are required to file tax returns with the IRS and make payments of withholding taxes.

What employers need to know:

  • File Tax Returns: Employers are required to file their complete tax returns with the IRS by April 15th.
  • Pay Withholding Taxes: Employers must also make payments of withholding taxes on the same day.
  • Avoid Late Fees: It’s important for employers to meet this deadline to avoid late fees and possible IRS penalties.

How to prepare for the deadline:

  • Review your records and make sure you have all the necessary documents.
  • Double-check your calculations to make sure they are correct.
  • Check with your accountant or tax advisor if you need help or have any questions.
  • File your returns and make payments on or before the deadline.

Employers should make sure to meet this important deadline in order to avoid late fees and penalties. Review your records, double-check your calculations and make payments on or before April 15th to avoid any costly problems.