Nobody likes fighting dust bunnies, but it’s a necessary evil — especially in the workplace. To make your job easier, the right mop and broom combo is a must. But which type of mop is best for the job?

Industrial Mop Choices

Industrial mops are the best choice for large-scale cleaning tasks such as striping floors, mopping up spills, and cleaning up after large events. Here are a few of our top picks for industrial mops:

  • Cotton String Mop: This tried-and-true mop is an old standby for mopping up dirt and grime in industrial settings. It’s highly absorbent and the thin, long strings make it easy to reach tight corners.
  • Loop-End Mop: Another traditional mop, but with a twist. Its looped-ending design makes it more durable and less prone to shredding or unraveling.
  • Microfiber Flat Mop: This mop is made from incredibly soft microfiber strands. It’s highly absorbent and perfect for reaching tight spaces. Plus, you can use it with a wide range of cleaning solutions.

Dust Mop Choices

Dust mops are perfect for sweeping up dirt, debris, and dust bunnies quickly and easily. Here are a few of our favorite dust mops:

  • Cotton Dust Mop: This classic mop design is great for sweeping up dirt and debris. The strands are made from cotton, for maximum absorbency.
  • Synthetic Fiber Dust Mop: These mops are great for sweeping up fine dust particles, like drywall or sawdust. The synthetic fibers are designed to grab on to small particles and trap them within the mop.
  • Microfiber Dust Mop: Like traditional dust mops, the microfiber option traps particulate matter without scattering it. However, it’s much more absorbent and can be washed and reused multiple times.


Industrial mops and dust mops are essential tools for keeping any workplace clean and tidy. We hope our top picks help you find the perfect mop for your cleaning needs!