Cracking The Code on ABM & Intent Data from Seagate and TechTarget – B2BMX

Seagate and TechTarget are two organizations who are known for their expertise and insights about business-to-business (B2B) marketing. Recently, they have teamed up with B2BMX to help marketers gain a better understanding of ABM & Intent Data. Here are the key points you need to understand in order to crack the code to maximize the opportunities that exist:

What is ABM and How Can it Help You?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing approach that focuses on individual accounts and their needs. It’s a way of targeting specific accounts that are more likely to generate value for the business. By understanding a company’s customer base, ABM can help marketers create tailored campaigns that better match those customers’ needs.

What is Intent Data and How Can it Help?

Intent data is data collected about a user’s online behavior. It provides insight into what types of content they are engaging with, as well as what kinds of products they are interested in. Through this information, marketers can create personalized, targeted campaigns that are more likely to reach the right customers.

Things To Consider when Leveraging ABM & Intent Data:

  • Prioritize Your Accounts:Start by prioritizing which accounts are most valuable for your business. Focus your efforts on those accounts and use ABM tactics such as personalized content and tailored campaigns to reach them.
  • Align Sales and Marketing:The success of ABM and Intent Data relies on collaboration between sales and marketing. Ensure that both teams are on the same page with regards to customer segments, messaging, and tactics to reach prospects.
  • Leverage Automation:Automation can help marketers save time and resources. Use automation tools to capture, analyze and act upon customer data in order to improve accuracy and efficiency.
  • Measure Your Success:Data is critical to understanding the success of your ABM and intent campaigns. Implement tracking and monitoring to identify what has and hasn’t worked so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Seagate and TechTarget, in partnership with B2BMX, are unlocking the mysteries of ABM & Intent Data and providing marketers with the tools they need to crack the code. By leveraging these insights, businesses can generate more value from their investments and maximize their opportunity in the B2B space.