SmallBizFluence is hosting its “Find Your Freedom” event, a gathering of small business owners committed to learning how to enjoy their business! This event, held in October of 2019, is a must attend event focused on helping entrepreneurs take control of their lives by building successful businesses.

What to Expect at the Event

Attendees of the “Find Your Freedom” event will learn how to:

  • Focus on what matters: Discover the tools and techniques that can help entrepreneurs focus on the critical aspects of their business and take control of their time and energy.
  • Gain the enthusiasm for success: Uncover the secrets to maintaining enthusiasm to guarantee success in any business.
  • Strengthen team building skills: Learn the relationship principles that create high functioning teams, and discover how to manage difficult conversations.
  • Create business growth: Understand the hidden factors that drive customer acquisition, product innovation, and brand building.
  • Make their business fun: Uncover joys in business and how to tap into their creative energy.

Who should attend?

The “Find Your Freedom” event is designed for small business owners wanting to improve their professional lives. Whether they are a freelancer, consultant, or small business owner, entrepreneurs of all backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

What to Bring to the Event

Entrepreneurs attending the “Find Your Freedom” event should come prepared with:

  • Their laptop or notepad for taking notes.
  • A positive attitude and their business questions.
  • An open mindset that’s ready to learn.

Attendees will leave the event with a better understanding of themselves, their business, and the tools they need to gain more freedom. The “Find Your Freedom” event is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs take control of their lives and find success in their businesses.

So don’t wait, sign up for the “Find Your Freedom” event today and start enjoying your business!