Lessons Learned from SEO Tests that Didn’t “Win” – Whiteboard Friday

In this Whiteboard Friday post, we look at lessons learned from tests that didn’t win. These tests may have had bad outcomes or varying results, but they still provide useful information for your next set of experiments. Though common sense suggests that “winning” should be the goal of any test, there is value in studying what went wrong and seeing what was learned.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Chances

It’s easy to stick with what is comfortable and familiar. It’s also easy to be hesitant when trying something new. But if something hasn’t been tested before, it could potentially bring breakthrough results if you are willing to take the risk. This attitude will allow you to explore the possibilities for pushing your campaigns further and achieving the results you desire.

2. Keep An Open Mind

Viewing test results with an open mind is key to learning something from them. Rather than focusing on the result, look for trends and insights that could have wider implications. Even small changes can have an effect, and tests that don’t “win” are opportunities to great ideas that you may have missed otherwise.

3. Run Smaller Tests First

Building a test campaign on large-scale can come with many unknowns. To get a better feel for how things are going to go, consider running limited tests first. Doing so can give you a chance to observe how the campaigns are going and let you adjust your strategy accordingly.

4. Monitor The Results Closely

Monitoring results is crucial in any test campaign. Details such as click-through rate and conversions can provide insight on how to adjust the campaign for optimum performance. Keep track of everything that happens in a campaign, both wins and losses, and use it to refine and improve the results of future tests.

5. Don’t Give Up

Getting the desired results from a test can be discouraging when nothing happens as planned. But even failed tests can be valuable learning opportunities as long as you are willing to analyze the results and use them to your advantage. “Winning” is not the only outcome of a test, so don’t give up when things don’t go your way.

By following these steps, you will be able to get valuable insights from tests even if they don’t lead up to big wins. Even when you don’t hit the bullseye, you will still learn something that can be used to make more informed decisions in the future.