How to Market Your Business Through National Days in May 2023

National days in May are the perfect way to promote your business and to get customers excited about your products & services. Here are a few national days to consider when marketing your business in May 2023.

May 6: Nurses Day

Show appreciation to nurses in your community by offering discounts and promotions in recognition of their hard work and dedication. For example, you could offer a discounted item to nurses, or even provide a free lunch.

May 12: Mother’s Day

This is the perfect opportunity to promote your products or services as a great gift for moms. Consider providing special deals on customized products or introducing a special Mother’s Day package. You could even offer a free gift to the first 10 mothers who purchase from your business.

May 17: National Pizza Party Day

If you are in the food business, this is the perfect opportunity to promote your restaurant. Consider offering special discounts and promotions for customers who come in and order pizza on this day. You could even organize a pizza party for customers.

May 25: Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the perfect occasion to remember those who have fallen while serving their country. Offer discounts or special promotions to those customers who have served in the military or have lost family members in the military.

May 31: World No Tobacco Day

This is a great day to promote any healthy lifestyle products you may be selling. Offer discounts or promotions to customers wishing to quit smoking or adopt a healthier lifestyle.


May is a great month to promote your business and show appreciation to your customers. By using the national days in May as a part of your marketing strategy, you can reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. Get creative and come up with unique promotions and offers related to the national days of May.