Twitter Blue is Twitter’s premium subscription service, launched in May 2021. It allows verified Twitter users to access exclusive features and content, such as an undo tweet button and collections, for the price of $3.99 per month (or £2.99 in the UK).

What Is Meta Testing?

Meta testing is an important part of releasing any software product or service. It is an iterative process of testing a system or application from a user’s perspective, and includes activities such as usability testing, accessibility testing, and usability evaluation. Meta testing is also a way to gain insights into how customers use a product or service, and can help identify potential problems before they are publicly launched.

Why Test Twitter Blue?

Meta testing a paid verified subscription like Twitter Blue provides an opportunity to ensure users can experience a positive and convenient experience while using the product. Users should feel like they have obtained tangible value and immediate satisfaction from the subscription. Furthermore, it helps to check the overall design, usability and accessibility of the website, application, and subscription process.

What Does Meta Testing Involve?

Meta testing a paid verified subscription like Twitter Blue generally involves:

  • Functional Testing: Testing to ensure that all features work as intended and respond appropriately to user inputs.
  • Usability Testing: Testing to evaluate how easily the features can be used, navigate the website, and how understandable the texts and messages are.
  • Performance Testing: Testing to measure how quickly the application or website responds to user inputs.
  • Accessibility Testing: Testing from an accessibility point of view to confirm that everyone can use the product regardless of different abilities and disabilities.

In addition, testers should also take into account the entire user journey, including registration, payment, verification, feature access, and customer service.


Meta testing a paid verified subscription like Twitter Blue is essential to ensure the product is operating satisfactorily and will benefit customers in a positive way. It also helps to ensure that all users can use it regardless of abilities or disabilities. It is important to thoroughly test the overall product before it is released publicly.