It wasn’t long ago that Craftsman, Stanley, and DeWALT were some of the most reliable names when it came to sledgehammers. However, all three companies have announced a voluntary recall of sledgehammers due to a defect that could put users at risk of serious injury.

The Defective Hammers

The sledgehammers that have been recalled have heads that can potentially detach from the handle, posing a risk of serious injury to the user and those around them. The companies have identified the affected models and are in the process of recalling them all.

Affected Models

The following list of models have been identified as being affected by the recall:

  • Stanley: 55-516, 55-517, 55-518 and 55-519
  • Craftsman: 32-057, 32-058, 32-059 and 32-060

Return Instructions

All three companies are asking that any users who purchased a defective sledgehammer should immediately stop using it, and return it to the point of purchase. Upon return, a full refund of the purchase price will be given.


It’s a good idea to stay alert to updates from Craftsman, Stanley, and DeWALT in case any other products are recalled. Until then, consumers should take care when selecting a sledgehammer to ensure that it doesn’t belong to one of the affected models.