Revamped Loan Programs Set to Boost Small Businesses

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) has unveiled its revamped loan programs designed to give a much needed boost to small businesses. The programs have been redesigned with a number of changes, including:

Eligibility Changes

  • The SBA is now offering loans to applicants ranging from startups to more mature companies.
  • Applicants with higher credit scores receive more favorable terms for their loans.
  • The maximum loan size has been increased to a $5 million.


  • Loans can now be used to finance a multitude of business needs such as equipment purchases, inventory, and/or debt refinancing.
  • The terms of the loan have been extended to twenty five years, providing small businesses with more affordable repayment options.
  • The SBA has also given lenders the ability to modify the terms of existing loans in order to provide more support and financial relief to borrowers.

These changes were implemented in an effort to make the application process easier and to increase the amount of funding available to small business owners. The SBA is hoping that these new loan programs will provide a much needed boost to small businesses and enable them to thrive in this difficult economic climate.