The phrase “shelfie” is quickly making a name for itself as businesses all around the world consider new and inventive ways to reach their audiences and increase sales. So what exactly is a shelfie? Put simply, a shelfie is a photograph of shelves that have been arranged in an attractive and interesting way to entice customers. Many businesses have been using shelfies in creative ways to draw attention to their products and encourage sales. Here’s why and where local businesses should publicize them.

Why Shelfies Are a Good Idea

Shelfies offer your customers an inside look at your products, giving them an idea of what they can expect before they purchase. Shelfies also help to differentiate your product from the competition, showing how it looks when displayed with different items or in different arrangements. Additionally, shelfies can create an emotional connection between your product and potential customers, providing a unique platform for marketing.

Where to Publish Shelfies

To make the most of shelfies as a marketing tool, local businesses should consider a few different strategies for where to share them.

  • Social media: Sharing shelfies on social media is a great way to reach both potential and existing customers, as users of social media platforms tend to be very engaged. Plus, you’ll be able to track responses and analyze data to see which shelfies are working best.
  • Websites: Shelfies are a great way to draw attention to your website and help customers get to know your business better. Include shelfies in blog posts, product pages, and any other area where customers might be looking.
  • Email campaigns: Try including shelfies in your email campaigns. Customers will be able to easily see your products and get an idea of what you offer.

Shelfies are an innovative way for local businesses to reach their audiences and increase sales. With the right strategies for where to publish shelfies, businesses can make the most of this tool to positively impact their bottom line.