Site Architecture for Resource & Content Libraries — Whiteboard Friday

Having a well-structured library of resources and content is essential for any website, especially for content-focused sites. But when you have a resource library of dozens or hundreds of items, it becomes harder to ensure that everything is easy to find and of high quality. On this week’s Whiteboard Friday, we’ll be discussing the best practices for organizing your resource and content library.

Organize Content into Categories/Subcategories

Organizing your content and resources into easy-to-understand categories and subcategories is essential. This will allow users to quickly browse your library and find the resources they need. For example, if you have a library of blog posts, consider grouping them into categories such as “marketing”, “sales”, and “customer success”. Each of these categories can then have subcategories for posts related to specific topics, such as “email marketing”, “social media marketing”, and “conversion optimization”.

Include Search & Filter Options

No matter how well you organize your content library, some users will still prefer to search for content or resources. Therefore, it’s important to include a search box as well as filter options to make it easy for users to find the content they need. For example, you might include filters for date ranges, topics, and authors.

Quality Control

If you’re going to have a library of content or resources, it’s important to ensure that the quality of your library remains high. To do this, you should:

  • Set Guidelines: Establish guidelines for the type of content you will accept in your library. For example, will you only accept content written by your team, or can you include content from outside sources?
  • Review Content: Create a process for reviewing content before it is published. This might include a formal review process conducted by your editorial team or a simple fact-checking procedure for each piece of content.
  • Update Content: Regularly review and update your content. This will help to ensure accuracy and freshness.

Having a well-organized, high-quality resource library is essential for any content-focused site. By employing best practices such as organizing content into categories, including search and filter options, and maintaining a high level of quality, you can ensure that your resource and content library is easy to find and of high value.