Small Businesses across America are voicing their opposition to President Donald Trump’s nomination of Andrew Puzder to lead the Department of Labor. As the CEO of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of the popular fast food chain Carl’s Jr., Puzder has been criticized for a variety of stances and decisions made while he was at the helm.

Reasons for Opposition

Several organizations that advocate for small businesses and their economic agenda have declared their opposition to the nomination, and it is cause for alarm among many small business owners. Here are the reasons they’re opposing Puzder’s nomination:

  • Workforce Automation: Puzder has expressed a strong interest in automating CKE’s workforce, including the replacement of human cashiers with machines. This has made small business owners fear that a labor secretary appointment of Puzder would result in a federal policy regarding automation that would be unfavorable towards small businesses.
  • Legal Affairs: CKE has had a number of legal issues in recent years, including discrimination and wage and hour violations. This has small business owners concerned that a Puzder-led Department of Labor would be reluctant to enforce the country’s labor laws.
  • Minimum Wage Increase: During the election, Puzder actively opposed plans to raise the federal minimum wage, which is an issue that would drastically affect small businesses. If Puzder is confirmed, small business owners fear he will use his office to oppose any proposed increase in the federal minimum wage.

Outcome Remains Unclear

It is unclear if Puzder will be confirmed or not,since several of President Trump’s cabinet nominations have been contested by both lawmakers and citizens. If he is confirmed, small business owners will have to wait and see what policies the Secretary of Labor will pursue that could potentially impact their businesses.