Snapchat and Microsoft recently announced the integration of Snapchat Lenses with Microsoft Teams. This integration provides users of the Microsoft Teams platform with the unique capabilities of Snapchat’s Lenses, further enhancing users’ video communication experience.

What Are Snapchat Lenses?

Snapchat Lenses are augmented reality-based technology that allows users to apply digital special effects to their selfies. These special effects range from AR-based cartoon characters and voice filters to face-tracking filters such as rainbows and butterflies.

Snapchat Lenses in Teams

With the integration of Snapchat Lenses into Microsoft Teams, users of the communication platform will be able to access the creative tools of Snapchat’s Lenses while they are communicating. The integration will provide users with a wide range of options to integrate with their conversations, such as:

  • 3D Face Filters: Users can apply 3D face filters to their face, such as beauty filters, sunglasses, masks, and hats.
  • Video and Voice Filters: 3D-powered video and voice filters can be used to alter the user’s video or audio.
  • AR Objects: Objects such as dinosaurs, robots, or fireworks can be added to the background or foreground of the user’s video.
  • Face Tracking Effects: AR-based face tracking effects such as rainbows, explosions, and firework animations can be added to the user’s video.

What Does This Mean for Users?

Overall, the integration of Snapchat Lenses into Microsoft Teams will provide users with a more creative and engaging experience. This integration will allow users to create unique video calls and add dynamic visual effects to their conversations. Microsoft Teams is at the forefront of video-conferencing platforms and partnering with Snapchat’s AR technology will continue to improve the experience for users.