Alicia Adams Alpaca is a luxury alpaca and Vicuña apparel and accessory brand that is making waves in the world of sustainable fashion. Founded by Alicia Adams in 2010, the collection is a modern twist on traditional Andean weaving and knitting techniques.

Overcoming Challenging Start

The past decade certainly wasn’t kind to the Peruvian alpaca industry. In the early 2000s, the country was in the middle of an ecological and economic crisis due to the effects of climate change, leading to droughts, floods, infestations, and plummeting alpaca prices. This made it difficult for many shepherds to stay in business.

But Alicia Adams found a way to turn the situation around. She founded Alicia Adams Alpaca, a luxury alpaca and Vicuña apparel and accessory brand, to bring attention to the beautiful and sustainable materials of Peru while providing a reliable source of income to local shepherds.

Craftsmanship and Sustainability: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Adams’s high-end materials are at the heart of the brand’s commitment to sustainability. She sources her yarns locally in Peru, supporting rural families who have been affected by drought, infestations, and economic uncertainty. By utilizing traditional weaving and knitting techniques, she is able to ensure that every piece of clothing and accessory is crafted with precision and care.

The alpaca fibers used by Alicia Adams Alpaca are also naturally renewable. The animals are shorn every two years, meaning that the materials can be used again and again. This approach to sustainability reduces the impact on the environment, making it a win-win for both the wearer and the planet.

High Fashion meets High Sustainability

Alicia Adams Alpaca combines high fashion with high sustainability. The collection features classic knitwear, signature scarves and wraps, sophisticated apparel pieces, and statement accessories. Every item is ethically made, combining traditional artisanal techniques with contemporary designs.

The brand is committed to creating luxurious and sustainable products that will stand the test of time. Every piece is crafted with great attention to detail, making it a perfect choice for both eco-conscious fashionistas and sustainable style seekers.

Shop Alicia Adams Alpaca

If you’re looking for high fashion and high sustainability, look no further than Alicia Adams Alpaca. Shop the collection today to:

  • Support Peruvian shepherds
  • Push the boundaries of sustainable fashion
  • Invest in pieces that will last

Alicia Adams Alpaca is ushering in a new era of conscious fashion that combines modern luxury with ecological sustainability. Commit to fashion that is made with care – shop Alicia Adams Alpaca now!