That’s A Wrap – Top Take-Aways from B2BMX 2023

What is B2BMX

B2BMX,or B2B Markting Experience,was a global event held from June 6th to 9th 2023. The central theme of B2BMX was to help organizations use digital marketing to drive growth through powerful customer engagement and experiences.

Top Take-Aways from B2BMX 2023

B2BMX 2023 was an insightful and thought-provoking event. Here are some of the top take-aways that can inspire your business efforts.

  • Humanize your marketing: It’s important to treat your customers like human beings and make your communication more personal. Using stories and data, create marketing campaigns that are meaningful and engaging to your customers.
  • Tell stories that people understand: An effective story is one that resonates and makes an emotional connection with your audience. Research the language, needs, desires and stories of your target audience so that your story is relevant and meaningful to them.
  • Customer engagement is key: Engaging customers should be at the centre of all your marketing efforts. Use customer feedback, reviews and surveys to understand customer grievances and areas of improvement. Utilizing AI, create personalized customer experiences that make them feel valued and appreciated.
  • Use cutting-edge technologies: In today’s digital-first world, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve and make use of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and Automation. Leverage these technologies to personalize customer experiences and make your marketing efforts more efficient and effective.


B2BMX 2023 was a great event that brought together some of the most innovative minds in the marketing and tech industry. By taking into consideration the takeaways mentioned above, companies can take their marketing efforts to a whole new level and make their customer engagement more meaningful and effective.