When people discuss Artificial Intelligence there’s always a sense of fear that these machines can outsmart us and become a threat. But the reality is, that AI poses no real threat to humans. The real danger lies in how we use AI and how we interact with it. Here we look at the one major reason why AI isn’t a threat: The Iron Man question.

What is “The Iron Man Question”?

The Iron Man question is a challenge posed by the great philosopher Nick Bostrom. Bostrom suggests that we ask ourselves whether AI should be treated as a friend or a foe. Should AI be trusted and respected, or should we keep it under tight control and regulate its use?

At first glance, it looks like a simple question. But as we explore it further, it becomes more nuanced and complex. For example, if AI is treated as a friend, should we just treat it as an extension of our own mind (as in Iron Man) or should we give it autonomy and its own set of values?

The Iron Man Question & AI Control

There’s no right or wrong answer to the Iron Man question, it’s a matter of opinion. But the question itself highlights the fact that AI poses no real threat to humanity. We have the power to control how AI is used and to ensure it is used for the benefit of humanity, not the detriment of it.

The ability to control AI is key to understanding why it’s not a threat, because if we don’t trust it or aren’t able to control how it’s used, then it won’t be of any use to us. We need to have the knowledge and the power to be able to control AI if we want it to be useful.


In the end, AI poses no real threat to humans. It’s not a villainous force out to take over the world. We have the power to control AI and use it for our own benefit. The Iron Man question serves as a reminder of this, as it highlights the need to trust AI and ensure it is kept under control.