It’s well known that the most successful YouTube channels focus on a niche. This allows each channel to create content that appeals to a unique and engaged audience. However, not all YouTube niches are equally profitable. Here are the 19 most profitable YouTube niches:


  • Let’s Plays – Followers watch a YouTuber play a game, offering commentary and advice about the game.
  • Strategy Guides – Players receive strategic advice to perfect their game.
  • Reaction Videos – Fans watch someone’s reactions to popular games.
  • Tutorials – Viewers learn how to become better at their favorite games.


  • Exercise Routines – People learn how to exercise at home or in the gym.
  • Nutritional Advice – Viewers learn what to eat, and how to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Healthy Recipes – Followers learn how to make nutritious meals.
  • Tips for Weight Loss – Those looking to shed a few pounds are able to follow along.

Beauty and Style

  • Makeup Tutorials – Followers can learn how to apply makeup the right way.
  • Fashion Hauls – Fans can watch someone shop for the latest trends.
  • Hair Styling Tips – Viewers learn how to style their hair and maintain it.
  • Outfit Ideas – People find out what to wear and how to match it.

Business and Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship – Followers learn how to start and run their own business.
  • Social Media Strategies – Viewers learn how to build an effective presence on social media.
  • Online Marketing – Fans get tips on how to create a successful online marketing campaign.
  • Product Reviews – People learn which products are worth investing in.

DIY, Hobbies, and Crafts

  • DIY Projects – People learn how to make and construct their own creations.
  • Gardening Ideas – Viewers get tips on how to grow their own food.
  • Painting Tutorials – Fans can learn how to paint with newfound skills.
  • Knitting Tutorials – People learn how to knit scarves, blankets, and other warm items.


  • Parody Songs – Fans get entertained while learning funny facts.
  • Skits – People enjoy watching funny skits.
  • Pranks – Viewers laugh at well-executed pranks.
  • Challenges – Followers watch other people do funny challenges.


  • Languages – Viewers learn a new language quickly and effectively.
  • Math Tutorials – Fans get help with any math concepts they may be struggling with.
  • Science Experiments – People gain a better understanding of science concepts.
  • History Lessons – Followers learn about the past.

Pets and Animals

  • Pet Care Advice – Fans learn how to care for their pets.
  • Pet Grooming – Viewers learn how to groom their pets.
  • Veterinarian Tips – People get advice directly from a veterinarian.
  • Wildlife Videos – Followers learn about exotic animals.

Reviews and Discussions

  • Movie and TV Show Reviews – Followers watch someone review their favorite shows.
  • Book Discussions – Viewers learn about the latest books and trends.
  • Tech Reviews – Fans get insights into the latest gadgets and gizmos.
  • Video Game Reviews – People learn about upcoming gaming titles.

Food and Cooking

  • Quick Recipes – Followers learn how to make meals that are fast and tasty.
  • Cake Decorating – Viewers get tips on how to decorate cakes.
  • Cooking Tutorials – Fans learn how to make the perfect dish.
  • Healthy Eating Tips – People learn how to make meals that are healthy and delicious.


These are just some of the most profitable YouTube niches that you can explore. You may even find success in creating videos on lesser known topics, but it’s best to focus on niches that have an existing audience. Finding a unique niche will also make it easier to build a dedicated fanbase.

Good luck!