The New Kingdom Of Content For B2B Marketing – TopRank At B2B Ignite London

At the B2B Ignite London event, TopRank Marketing was given the opportunity to present in their exciting session that was titled “The New Kingdom of Content for B2B Marketing”.

This session held on July 2nd, 2019 brought together a panel of experts from the B2B marketing industry where they discussed the content technologies and channels driving growth, consumer satisfaction and loyalty in the world of B2B.

The key message from this session was that the B2B marketers must create content that is captivating, comprehensive and consumer-driven if they are to see the best possible results. The whole panel agreed that the consumer must always be the main focus.

Below are some of the top takeaways from the panel discussion:

Effective Content For B2B:

  • Utilize content that grabs the attention of the user and speaks directly to them.
  • Engage people in personalized experiences and stories so that they can quickly and easily find what they need.
  • Inform and educate potential customers with compelling, informative content on topics related to their industry and business.
  • Ensure the content you create is well-tailored to the target audience.
  • Stay up to date with changing trends in the B2B space, to make sure content remains relevant.

Content Technologies And Channels For B2B:

  • Influencer marketing can be an effective tool in promoting a B2B brand and getting the message out there.
  • Inbound marketing is still an important part of any B2B strategy and should be used to reach the right people.
  • Content should be distributed through multiple channels to maximize the reach and exposure.
  • Create content that focuses on providing quality information and value to customers and potential customers.
  • Data is key, utilize data to draw insights, measure success and improve content.

At TopRank Marketing we believe that effective content and data-driven insights form the cornerstone of any successful B2B marketing strategy. By leveraging these tools, organizations can create content that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty; two of the most important things a business can have when the content is properly executed.

For more information about The New Kingdom Of Content For B2B Marketing or for help in customizing a content marketing strategy, contact TopRank Marketing today.