Having a thriving community of customers, supporters, and advocates can have a huge impact on your business. Here are just a few of the ways a vibrant community can help your business:

1. Generate more customers

Engaged and enthusiastic customers love to share the products and services they love with friends and family, and that’s exactly what a thriving community helps facilitate. Word-of-mouth marketing has no equal when it comes to connecting potential customers with your offering.

2. Improve loyalty and retention

What better way to reward the customers who have stuck with you through thick and thin than to give them a place to belong, where their opinions and ideas are listened to and appreciated. A thriving community can create an environment of trust and camaraderie, which can lead to increased loyalty and retention.

3. Enhance customer experience

Having a thriving community gives customers a space to find the answers they are looking for, as well as a chance to connect with other customers and professionals who can provide invaluable insight. Customers can also give feedback and share their experiences. This creates an environment of open dialogue which can help your business enhance and tailor its products and services.

4. Provide a platform for brand iteration

Your community is the perfect place to get real-time feedback on any new offerings or customer-facing initiatives. You can get some insightful (and sometimes brutally honest) answers in the form of surveys and discussions that can help you shape and refine your brand story.

5. Develop valuable customer relationships

By getting to know specific customers, you’ll be able to develop deeper relationships that may open up new business opportunities. These customers can range from influencers and advocates, to key decision-makers and customers who have unique ideas that could benefit your business.


A thriving community holds incredible potential to help grow and nurture your business. If you focus on providing a great product or service, fostering valuable relationships with members of your community, and taking their feedback into consideration, the results can be incredibly beneficial for your bottom line.

Create a community and be prepared to reap the rewards!