The world of B2B marketing is rapidly evolving. At the recent TopRank Marketing keynote in Paris, experts discussed the current challenges, solutions and opportunities for content marketing as we enter a new era of digital transformation.

The Debate: Human vs. Machine

The keynote focused on the debate between human-driven marketing and machine-driven marketing. There are pros and cons to both approaches, and the keynote sought to explore and debate the impact of machine-driven marketing today and in the future.

The keynote also discussed how getting ahead of the curve will require a strategy that combines human creativity and scalability of AI-driven analytics. The panel talked about how machine-driven marketing can unlock new opportunities, as well as the potential pitfalls of using automation to generate content.

The Future of B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing is at the core of any successful B2B digital marketing strategy. It is essential to reach today’s digital customers, with the right message and the right content delivered at the right time.

The keynote debated how content marketing is changing and how marketers should prepare for the future. Among the topics discussed were:

  • Incorporating AI and Machine Learning into Content Marketing: leveraging machine-learning algorithms and natural language processing to create personalised content and deliver more targeted messages.
  • Creating an Omni-channel Experience: developing content strategies and content experience across digital channels that drive engagement and ROI.
  • The Role of Automation: the advantages and drawbacks of using automation and AI to create content.
  • Optimising SEO and Content Performance: leveraging data insights to inform content strategy and generate more leads.

Overall, the keynote provided useful insights into the current and future state of B2B content marketing, and the importance of combining both human and machine driven strategies to stay ahead of the curve.