As technology continues to rapidly evolve, B2B marketers must always be one step ahead in understanding how best to develop trust with their targets. Knowing whether their customers are looking to build meaningful relationships – or simply want to do their business quickly – is essential for success.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some trust statistics for 2023 that B2B marketers need to know.

Brand Trust

The number one indicator of how well a B2B organization is doing in terms of trust is how customers view their brand.

• According to recent survey data, 86% of customers said they are more likely to do business with brands they trust.

• Additionally, 84% of customers said they prefer to interact with companies they trust.

• Finally, 76% of customers are more likely to recommend a company they trust.

These numbers show that B2B marketers need to make sure they’re doing everything they can to build trust in their brand.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is increasingly important in the world of B2B marketing. Customers expect organizations to respect their data and not mismanage it in any way.

• 81% of customers said data privacy is a key factor in whether or not they trust an organization.

• Additionally, 79% of customers said they won’t do business with companies they don’t trust with their data.

• Finally, 68% of customers want companies to be clear about how they’re using their data.

These numbers show that B2B marketers need to be as transparent as possible with their customers about how they’re using their data, and make sure it’s kept secure and private.

Customer Service

Good customer service is key to building trust with customers. B2B organizations need to make sure they’re providing customers with a positive experience, or they risk losing their trust.

• 87% of customers said they’re more likely to trust a company that has good customer service.

• Additionally, 78% of customers said they expect organizations to respond quickly to customer inquiries.

• Finally, 73% of customers said they want organizations to listen to their feedback and make changes accordingly.

These numbers highlight the importance of having great customer service department in place so B2B marketers can ensure their customers are happy and trust the brand.


These trust statistics for 2023 show that B2B marketers must focus on building trust with customers in order to be successful. Knowing how customers view their brand, how data privacy is viewed, and customer service expectations are all important pieces of the puzzle.

By understanding these trust statistics, B2B marketers can ensure they’re taking the necessary steps to build trust and strengthen relationships with their customers.