Search engine algorithms are always in a state of flux and usually, the updates made by these search engines are quite small and often go unnoticed. But then there are core updates which are much larger updates that drastically affect search engine rankings and visibility. Let’s dive into what core updates are and how they can affect your SEO efforts.

What is a core update?

A core update is a change to a search engine’s algorithm, like Google’s hummingbird update. Such updates typically roll out every few months, but they don’t happen on a fixed schedule. Core updates are much more comprehensive than regular updates and are designed to improve the algorithm’s ability to understand user intent and serve more relevant and accurate results.

How does a core update impact SEO?

Core updates can have a huge impact on SEO, as they often result in changes to search engine rankings. The effects of a core update may be felt for months or even years afterward, as the new algorithms take into account different factors when ranking results. For this reason, SEO experts need to be vigilant and constantly monitor their clients’ sites to ensure they are well-positioned in the search engine rankings.

Ways to Prepare For a Core Update

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for a core update:

  • Keep tabs on industry news. Make sure you’re aware of any changes to search engine algorithms and keep an eye out for new updates that might affect your SEO efforts.
  • Monitor your SEO performance. Regularly check the performance of key pages on your website and track any changes in your rankings.
  • Create high-quality content. Make sure the content on your website is up to date and offers value to your visitors. Focus on content that is informative and easy to scan in order to keep readers engaged.
  • Make sure your website is optimized. Make sure your website is optimized for both mobile devices and desktop devices to ensure a smooth user experience.

Core updates can have a huge impact on SEO efforts, so it’s important to be prepared and monitor your website’s performance in order to stay ahead of the competition. Following the steps above can help you stay on top of any changes to the search engine algorithms and ensure you continue to get the best possible results.