No predictions or assumptions made in 2021 could have prepared us for what we uncovered in our 2022 content performance report. Consistent analysis of our data has revealed many surprises, from which we’ll make meaningful adjustments to our content strategy moving forward.

The Unexpected Challenges

We had an inkling that our content might be running into certain obstacles, but the obstacles revealed in our 2022 performance analysis far exceeded our predictions. Here are some of the chief issues we were confronted with:

  • Global Reach: Despite having a strong outreach campaign, our content was not resonating with audiences in emerging markets.
  • Unique Audiences: We could not find any meaningful correlations between content pieces and their actual viewership.
  • Desired Interactions: Most of the engagement with our content were not in the form of desired interactions, such as comments or shares.

The Unfortunate Realities

The data revealed many realities that we were not expecting from our content performance. Some of these included:

  • A Dwindling Reach: Our content’s reach was in decline, with viewership of our content consistently falling year-over-year.
  • Little Return on Investment: We were unable to correlate any ROI with the most popular pieces of content.
  • Fragmented Audience Attention: We were unable to maintain a consistent audience across all of our content channels.

What We Have Learned

We have certainly learned a lot from our 2022 content performance report – most of which we did not expect. Our data has given us valuable insights that we can use to adjust our content strategies in order to improve our content performance in the future. By making necessary adjustments, we can more effectively reach new audiences, engage desired interactions, and create more return on investment.