Starting a small business can be a challenging experience and one of the most intimidating aspects is dealing with legal matters. If you don’t have the money for a lawyer, there are options for free legal advice available. Here are some resources for free legal advice for your small business:

1. U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA has several resources to help small business owners, including SBAsponsors and their SCORE program, which provides free business advice through experienced volunteers. SCORE also offers workshops and one-on-one mentorship, which provide legal advice to help small business owners.

2. Online Communities

Social media sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook have groups and pages dedicated to providing businesses with legal advice. Business owners can ask questions and receive answers from other entrepreneurs and lawyers involved in the community.

3. Online Resources

There are a number of legal resources available online that provide free legal advice. Some of the most popular are LawGuru, LegalZoom, and Nolo, which offer advice for small business issues such as trademarks and tax law.

4. Local Organizations

Local bar associations, law schools, and government organizations often offer free legal advice to small business owners. Additionally, organizations such as the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provide assistance with legal matters as well as other business services.

By using these resources, small business owners can get the legal assistance they need without breaking the bank. With the right advice, a business can make informed decisions that will lead to greater success.


Small businesses have access to a variety of free legal advice resources that can help them make informed decisions. These resources include the SBA, online communities, online resources, and local organizations. By utilizing these resources, small business owners can get the help they need to succeed.