With the unprecedented shift to digital across all industries, the ability to be agile and diverse in skills is more important now than ever before. T-shaped marketers hold the key to success in this new marketing age. So what exactly makes the T-shaped Marketer?

What is a T-Shaped Marketer?

T-shaped marketers have the ability to go deep in a specific skill or concept, while also having a wide breadth of marketing knowledge and overlapping expertise in disciplines such as SEO, PR and user experience design. In short, they are a multi-faceted marketer who can understand and work on any element of the marketing mix.

The Skills of the T-Shaped Marketer

T-shaped marketers have several skills that are critical for success in this new marketing age:

  • Ability to adapt quickly: T-shaped marketers quickly adapt to changes in the digital landscape, both in their areas of expertise and the new technologies that emerge.
  • Analytical acumen: T-shaped marketers are adept at understanding data and making decisions based on the available information.
  • Strategic thinking: T-shaped marketers are skilled in developing a comprehensive marketing plan that incorporates all elements of the marketing strategy.
  • Strong communication skills: T-shaped marketers are able to communicate effectively, both within their team and to customers.
  • Collaborative: T-shaped marketers are able to work collaboratively on projects and communicate effectively with other departments and teams.

The Benefits of the T-Shaped Marketer

The benefits of having a T-shaped marketer on your marketing team are numerous:

  • The ability to quickly and accurately adapt to changes in the digital landscape.
  • The ability to think strategically and come up with creative solutions to complex problems.
  • The ability to communicate clearly both internally and externally.
  • The ability to work collaboratively with different teams and departments.
  • The ability to analyse data and make informed decisions.


The need for T-shaped marketers has never been greater. A T-shaped marketer is someone with an advanced understanding of digital marketing, an analytical mindset and the ability to adapt quickly to changes in the digital landscape. They are an invaluable asset to any marketing team that wants to succeed in this new marketing age.