Why Your Employees Aren’t Working the Way They Used To

It is no secret that your employees are not producing the same quality of work they once did, but the reasons why are less clear. While there are many potential causes, there is a consensus on the most common reasons. Below, we’ll take a look at why your employees may not be functioning at the same level of productivity as in the past:

Low Morale

A significant drop in morale can lead to lower productivity among your team. A variety of factors can lead to bad morale, such as:

  • Unclear job expectations. Employees may have difficulty meeting expectations if their job requirements are unclear or don’t make sense.
  • Lack of motivation. Workplace culture, pay, and benefits all contribute to how motivated your employees feel. Make sure your team is compensated fairly and you’re doing your part to foster a positive work environment.
  • Poor communication. If there is a lack of transparency and communication between the leadership and the employees, this can lead to feelings of disconnection and can damage morale.


Burnout and fatigue can cause a dip in productivity in your team. If your team is overworked or expected to produce too much, they may become easily frustrated or overwhelmed with their tasks.

Signs of burnout include:

  • Decline in morale and enthusiasm. If your team’s attitude has taken a downturn, it may be due to burnout.
  • Lack of initiative. Employees who are burned out may become too tired to take initiative and go the extra mile.
  • Increased absenteeism.Employees who take more time off than usual may be trying to avoid burnout.

Unrealistic Goals

Finally, setting unrealistic goals for your employees can lead to lower productivity.

If your team is given goals that are unattainable or put under extreme deadlines, it can be detrimental for their work ethic. They may become so overwhelmed with the pressure that they avoid task completion altogether.

It is important to be realistic when setting goals for your team and to make sure you consider their abilities, workloads, and resources when doing so.

Ultimately, if you investigate why your employees are not working the way they used to, you may find that one of these three common reasons is at the root of the problem. By addressing morale, burnout, and unrealistic goals, you can help ensure that your team is back to producing quality work in no time.